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Who is Giulia?

Hi there!

I am a qualified teacher and I help young people to improve their English in an easy and immediate way. 

I have been pursuing this mission for almost 3 years now. Let me tell you how I got into teaching!

I have lived in London for many years, where I graduated in Global Communication and took a Master’s degree in TESOL (Teach English to Students of Other Languages).

But, honestly, it hasn’t always been so easy for me. I can still remember the first time I tried to have a conversation in English: I was shocked as I almost couldn’t understand a thing!

I cried so many times over not understanding or being able to express my opinions. 

This is the reason why I can imagine the frustration you might feel when approaching the English language. 

While studying at University, I was working as a barista and waitress in a restaurant called Grind, in central London (I literally hated that job but it was necessary to survive!).

Thanks to the professors I met at Westminster University I soon developed a strong curiosity towards the teaching field. 

My first teaching experience was in a Secondary school in London, where I was helping Italian and Spanish teenagers to learn English.

After that, I started teaching for an online Chinese company. It was one of the most interesting experiences in my life! (I can tell you more about it during our speaking lessons, if you wish).

Once I was ready to graduate, Covid-19 broke out all over the world. As a result, I graduated online on April 13th 2020, during quarantine, just like many other students. That’s why I never had a proper Graduation Party, but the biggest victory is… having English with Giulia! 

Here I am, guys, this is my story and this is the reason why I have created this website: sometimes I wish I’d had some clearer and easier explanations about the English language.

As you have just read, I have faced frustration and disappointment at the beginning of my experience in London so I know what it means to have a block towards this language. 

I want to help you the way I wanted to be helped. That’s it. 

Moreover, my mission is to make learning affordable and accessible to everyone: if, for any reason,  you are facing difficulties in paying for a course, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to find the best solution possible for you.

Happy learning!